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About the art

Using nature and biology as inspiration for most of my paintings, I am currently focused on exploring how to create abstract and organic artworks through mixed media, using materials such as acrylic paint, modeling paste, and gesso to design layered and textured pieces. I choose to paint in a nonfigurative way because what I admire most about abstract art is the subjectivity that comes with it. When looking at my paintings, I hope that each person sees and interprets it differently, feeling inspired in their own unique way. I want to communicate through my art by giving space to the viewer to see whatever they want to see, regardless of my own thoughts about the artwork, and hope that they enjoy the experience of doing so.


Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Mia Civita moved to the United States at 18 years old to begin her undergraduate studies. After studying two years of marine biology, she decided to pursue her artistic side; she has now graduated from Florida International University, based in Miami, with a degree in Art and Art History.

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